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The absolute best adult social group in Atlanta! Indoor and outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, pool parties, and so much more.

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Georgia Outdoor Shenanigans was started originally as a facebook group in an effort to get adults together for outdoor fun. The creator never expected what was going to happen next. In just a few short days, the group grew to 500 members, a month later it was triple. Now the group has over 5000 active members and grows daily.

The Members

The success of the group can really be attributed to the members of Georgia Outdoor Shenanigans. They are fun, drama free, adults of all ages and backgrounds and their main purpose for getting together is to have good clean fun.

The Culture

Important to the creator of Georgia Outdoor Shenanigans was a drama free culture that could be enjoyed no matter what your age or background. Keeping the "singles" label out of the it and focusing fun rather than dating was essential to building a group that was fun focused.

Almost daily the leadership team has someone reach out to them to describe how much the group has changed lives. Making friends can be difficult as an adult, and this group continues to be a platform for everyday people just like you to do just that.

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